Nature club of St. Aloysius’ Institute of Technology works with the motto of “CONSERVE AND PRESERVE”. As it is truly said that nature is our best teacher. It teaches us survival of the fittest and nourishes us in all aspects. Nature has endowed us with incredible assets like, biodiversity and natural resources. The conservation of these assets has become need of the time so It is our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generation than we have found it. On this call of nature, Natures’ Club, SAIT with a noble cause, was formed and inaugurated on 23rd October 2021 in the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. Fr. Davis George, Director SAIT and other dignitaries. Nature Club is indeed a dedicated program to create awareness among faculty members, other staff members and students about nature and its related issues. Nature club is the convergence of nature lovers, from the Department of Science Education in order to promote, monitor and operate the environmental and sustainable activities in the society, starting from college campus with the novel objectives of:

  • Facilitating the skill development for environmental protection.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among all sections of society, and
  • Spreading environmental education among students.




The vision of Nature Club is “Living in healthy environment is our birth right.”
This vision may turn into reality only by spreading the message of nature conservation through mass education. Thus, the overall emphasis is on environmental education, research & developing a group of Eco-friendly people. The Nature Club which aims at creating general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental problems and for an appreciation of nature among students.


The Club’s mission is to build a Green Force of nature lovers, who can zealously work and strongly fight for the cause of preservation and enhancement of the prestigious natural resources, available in the us.


  • To sensitize, motivate and educate students and staff about environment conservation.
  • To create awareness among society about environment and related issues.
  • Organizing activities to reduce pollution in the district.
  • Encouraging efforts to protect and conserve biodiversity in vicinage.
  • Executing small scale projects within the campus.
  • Contributing in environment awareness and conservation drives in collaboration with regional nature clubs and institutes.


The Nature Club successfully specializes in helping students to take the first step towards conservation of Nature. It can help to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase time spend on being physically active, and encourage student to spend more time outside as there are numerous opportunities to make that time spend with nature more helpful and valuable.


Club organized Disease awareness programme 1st December 2021 on, AIDS, in the college campus. Awareness programme was organized near Ekta market on AIDS; the main objective was to create awareness about AIDS diseases.

Mrs. Pooja Sharma

Mrs. Pooja Sharma

Mrs. Suman Mehra

Mrs. Suman Mehra